Monday, May 28, 2012

Hard Talks with Larry B. (Bx3 #61)

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I'm a week behind the current playoff events. Couldn't pass this one up. I tend to think people don't win or lose because they're "soft". It comes down to whether the other team is "better at basketball". I think that might mean that I'm soft.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Full Locker Room Access- Whiteboard Material Edition (Bx3 #59)

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This is the second "Full Locker Room Access"comic. I did one last year during the playoffs for the Heat. You can see that here.

Okay I am really "trolling" the Clippers with this one. It's hard because I've got to make jokes every week but I really don't like making fun of people. Honestly. Vinnie Del Negro takes a ton of flak as a coach, but I still think he has potential.  Look at Doc Rivers. He's widely considered one of the best coaches in basketball now, but he wasn't always thought of that way. Coaches need reps too. VDN's getting his reps.  We'll see what he does with them.

I may be one of the few (outside LA) that think the Clippers can challenge the Spurs- maybe in spite of VDN but maybe not- despite of the impression that I'm giving off with this comic. The joke's really about the incredible chasm in the public opinion of the Spurs and the Clippers coaching and management. But nuance doesn't make for a very good gag now does it. Anyways...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-Game Rituals (Bx3 #58)

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Last week over at Grantland Bill Simmons published an article about championships with asterisks. I tend to think you can do this deconstruction almost any season- so I'm not putting an asterisk on this season no matter which teams wins. (Unless something extreme happens like the other teams suddenly choose to forfeit the playoffs to start an 'A cappella' singing group or somehow get stuck in a well or something.)

All that being said, things are breaking pretty well for Lebron and the Heat right now.  Out of laziness I didn't draw all the voodoo dolls I could have- Chandler starting the series with the flu, Baron with that gruesome kneecap dislocation (thank you for all the slo-mo replays Mr. Producer!).  Etc.

The Heat's next round matchup, the Pacers, are healthy at least, and I recently bought a Pacers' hat because I love underdogs and liked the design so watch out because as we all know my choice in headwear has great power on the outcome of pro basketball games.  I think the Pacers are a good team with a lot of ways to matchup that when playing to their full potential can compete with any team (remember the competitiveness last year in the playoffs versus the Bulls?).  So for Lebron and the Heat's sake I hope they're not making the mistake of overlooking them in their "preparations".  I'm trying to talk myself into this.

As always check out the t-shirt shop or art-print store if you're interested in some Bx3 approved schwag. (Sorry voodoo dolls not yet available)