Sunday, March 25, 2012

When Manimals Attack (Bx3 #52)

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If you don't know who the Manimal is: Kenneth Bernard Faried Lewis - aka Kenneth Faried, rookie for the Denver Nuggets who does stuff like this on a somewhat regular basis:

The best thing about this clip is that after the ball gets saved from going out of bounds and thrown to half court notice who the first person covering the ball is.  I think "active"is an understatement.

Update:  The Manimal approves!

 Two chances to win your choice of any one of THESE orignal Bx3 design T-shirts. S+H included!
The full contest details are HERE.
If following that link is too much trouble- just send me an email saying you want to enter the random drawing or copy and paste this phrase and tweet it:
"Hey @bouncex3 I want to enter the t-shirt contest"
Good luck!
The contest has ended but head over to the shop and check out the designs that are for sale.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Swag Announcement

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So I thought it was time to make some merch'- mostly so that me and my moms will have something nice to wear this Summer.  With that, introducing the new Bouncex3 T-Shirt shop!
Click here: Bouncex3 T-shirts
In the shop you will find lovely and eye-catching designs such as these: 

And absolutely nothing like this:
Buying a Bx3 t-shirt will not only make you the member of a very exclusive club (people that know about and like this comic and are willing to demonstrate that in public), but also you'll be directly supporting my efforts so that I can invest in the comic and make it even better.  It's a win-win if there ever was one.

Okay- to the Freebie contest already:
Because I love you all and I know not everybody's flush with cash, I'm giving away a couple shirts for free!  Here's what you have to do to enter- below is a comic that was posted earlier, you may have seen it:
What you need to do is study this fine piece of fine-art, and identify as many of the masks as you can.  The name of the character, or for what purpose and/or where it's used,  etc... 
 Put your answers in an email titled "T-shirt contest" and send it to me here. (Bouncex3 at
  The person that identifies the most masks accurately wins.   In the case of a tie, I'll randomly choose a winner.  

If this sounds like too much trouble- there's another option.  Just tweet me at @bouncex3 . You can just copy-paste this sentence and tweet it: "Hey @bouncex3 I want to enter the t-shirt contest"  (The link leeds back to this contest page)

The winner of the second T-shirt will be chosen randomly from all emails and tweets that I receive. (Little bit worse odds, but you still got a shot.)
The 2 winners can pick a design of their choice from the store (up to a $30 value) and all S&H is included. It will cost you nothing but time. The contest ends on March 31st accepting entries until 6:00 pm Sunday the 1st, (gotta finish the next comic before deciding the winner), and I'll announce the winners soon after.
*(If the winner is outside of US/Canada, we'll discuss about shipping possibilities, feel free to enter, but don't be disappointed if you live in Papa New Guinea and I can't get a shirt to you...)

Thanks and good luck!  -Joe

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rimshots Vol. 2: Basketball Players Wearing Masks (Bx3 #51)

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This is the second volume of "Rimshots"- where I draw up a couple of random ideas at once, no matter how absurd.  (The first one is here)

ANNOUNCEMENT: There's a free T-shirt contest currently underway- check it out HERE.  This is over now but you can still go check out the t-shirt shop here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Bx3 B-ball DNA test (Bx3 #50)

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This being the official 50th Bounce-Bounce-Bounce comic, I thought it would be a good time to explain the thinking behind the name.

You got that Baller DNA?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dance in the Reign (Bx3 Guest Spot #2)

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The first post-baby comic is taking a little long to come together- so my main man (#2) Patrick Truby is letting me re-run this awesome Kemp comic cover he did for his basketball art tumbler: Rembrandt of Roundball.

Not only that, but just like Tim (@thewagofmutumbo) last week, Patrick is also a great follow on the Twitter: @PatrickTruby

Not only that (!!!), Patrick also has another great Tumblr to check out- one of my favorites (non-basketball category)- There Will Be Bourbon. Definitely check that one out too if you're a fan of the libations.

Thanks again to Tim and Patrick for buying me some precious father-daughter time.
 I've started drawing the next comic- so it's happening. It's also the 50'th Bx3 comic- so check back in a few days.