Monday, February 27, 2012

Karl Malone Always Rings Twice (Bx3 Guest Spot #1)

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This  awesome NBA star/Movie star mash-up poster is a guest spot courtesy of my man Tim Severson.  Great timing as we just had the All-Star game and the Oscars overlapping!
You should follow Tim on twitter at @theWagofMutombo where he occasionally posts great 'shops like this one, is usually talking basketball, and is always an all around nice guy.

Check out the Photography biz he runs with his wife too and their awesome website: The Eye Photographic

Thanks again Tim for filling in this week!

Hopefully I'll be back in a week's time with new content... see you then.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Addition to the Bx3 team (Editor's note)

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Hello readers- I was lucky enough on the evening of Friday the 17th to welcome a new addition to my family- a beautiful healthy baby girl.  She and mother are doing well.

The comic posting might be a little sporadic for the next couple of weeks as a result.
Thank you for your understanding.



In other news, last week I had the pleasure to draw an illustration for a Lang Whitaker piece about the Dunk Contest over at the Classical.  You should head over there and check out the article if you haven't yet.  (Luckily my baby waited until I met the deadline to introduce herself to the world.)  You can also check out all of the illustrations that they run at the Classical on their Tumblr page.

Monday, February 13, 2012

...and the Knicks of the Roundball (Bx3 #49)

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Breaking down stereotypes like J. Lin breaks wood blocks with his bare fist. No, like he breaks down complex math equations.  No, like he breaks down defenses. There we go. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Here's a bigger straight-up version of Marv's pencils from the middle frame. (Click on it to see it big)