Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Big Hot Seat (Bx3 #68)

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CAPTION CONTEST! Got a alternate caption idea for what D'Antoni's saying?  Post your ideas in the comments below and I might use it!  (On the rare chance that it's better than the one I came up with- I kid).
I'm going to repost a comic with the best one - with credit (and a prize- original sketch, etc.) to the submitter.  (Unless of course, again,  I stick to my own hilarious original line.)

Bonus! I updated this classic Bx3 comic too to reflect the Harden trade:


  1. But it wasn't a dream... it was a place.

  2. No, bra. You got the caption right, just the characters wrong.

    It should just be D'Antoni in the big chair sitting where Bickerstaff is and Phil Jackson telling D'Antoni that he's in HIS seat.

    Hey, I've been emailing your boy trying to buy some of his artwork. No response.

    1. Well what I was thinking was that D'Antoni is replacing Brown, so he's asking him to get out of "his" seat. But the seat is obviously Phil's big bad back seat, so the subtext is that even though D'Antoni is calling it his seat, we all know in some way it's really Phil's. Or something. (I also started drawing this before the D'Antoni surprise.

      I'll get at Dustin and get him to get in touch with you.