Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Precious Medals (Bx3 #63)

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I was going to draw a bunch of players and list the individual medals that they would win based on their skill sets, but I lazed out.  Summer shortens my attention span somehow.
Anyways,  feel free to speculate in the comments, or steal the idea and write a blog post about it.

As I mentioned somewhere, I'm using the off-season to experiment around with the art a bit- so this kind of came out of that.  I'm doing a metric ton of drawing, but it's just not making it onto the page.
Trying to learn some new moves for when the season does come.


  1. LeBron deserves his own medal just for bein' the baddest brother on the planet.

  2. I argue with people about this all the time when they start talking about how Phelps is the greatest olympian ever. I did think that the olympics should at least include the saturday night events from all-star weekend, though, even the skills competition. The dunk contest probably would get ugly but the others stuff could be competitive.