Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-Game Rituals (Bx3 #58)

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Last week over at Grantland Bill Simmons published an article about championships with asterisks. I tend to think you can do this deconstruction almost any season- so I'm not putting an asterisk on this season no matter which teams wins. (Unless something extreme happens like the other teams suddenly choose to forfeit the playoffs to start an 'A cappella' singing group or somehow get stuck in a well or something.)

All that being said, things are breaking pretty well for Lebron and the Heat right now.  Out of laziness I didn't draw all the voodoo dolls I could have- Chandler starting the series with the flu, Baron with that gruesome kneecap dislocation (thank you for all the slo-mo replays Mr. Producer!).  Etc.

The Heat's next round matchup, the Pacers, are healthy at least, and I recently bought a Pacers' hat because I love underdogs and liked the design so watch out because as we all know my choice in headwear has great power on the outcome of pro basketball games.  I think the Pacers are a good team with a lot of ways to matchup that when playing to their full potential can compete with any team (remember the competitiveness last year in the playoffs versus the Bulls?).  So for Lebron and the Heat's sake I hope they're not making the mistake of overlooking them in their "preparations".  I'm trying to talk myself into this.

As always check out the t-shirt shop or art-print store if you're interested in some Bx3 approved schwag. (Sorry voodoo dolls not yet available)


  1. so funny, i hope lebron takes a look at this piece...and what's up with the dark rimmed glasses all these hoop stars are sporting???(lebron/carmelo/baron davis/j lin/and i think even tyson chandler?

    oh and btw the way did you see that sport coat rajon was wearing the other day when he got mad at the tnt camera people for filming him while he was with his family? barkley was hella funny and said that rondo was mad because the tv world had to see the jacket he was wearing!!!

    1. Thanks for all the nice comments jc!

      I don't know what's up with the glasses, but if you know where I can get a pair let me know.

      I saw that jacket- classic stuff. It looked like something that would really get the ladies in the 1920's.

  2. From what I hear, Kobe's Game Six preg-game ritual includes throwing up all over his hotel room.


    1. I refuse to stool, sorry I mean stoop, to any body fluid jokes.