Monday, April 23, 2012

We'll Settle This at Recess (Bx3 #56)

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This is the second comic in a row that I've made the "Garnett is a bully" joke. Please nobody tell him.

This is actually the second time I've drawn some NBA players as children.  Did it a while back for a guest spot for Go check it out if you missed it the first time.

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  1. Do I have these right:
    Table - LeBron James
    Practice - Kobe Bryant + Pau Gasol
    Hanging from rim - Blake Griffin
    Shooting from jungle gym - Kevin durant
    Dribbling ball - Steve Nash + Gilbert Arenas
    Picking on kid - Kevin Garnett
    He hit me kids - Dwyane Wade + Manu Ginobili
    In cast - Derrick Rose
    Followed by girls - Ricky Rubio

    1. i think its nash and westbrook... and i think its chris paul with ginobili but im not totally sure

  2. You got two of them wrong Dre- fooled by the jersey numbers.
    Either you need to start watching more games and less spreadsheets or I need to step up my art game!

  3. Ok 0 is Westbrook (sorry 0 in blue jersey is always Agent 0 to me)

    Who else am I missing? Coulda sworn black jersey + 20 + bald spot = Ginobili. Am I wrong on red 3?

  4. Yep. CP3 crying and Westbrook chasing.

  5. what is the lebron lemonade stand in reference too?

  6. I'm a fan of Lebron's game- but I've always thought he's been about his "brand" as much as basketball from day one.
    So I just thought it would be funny to have trying to sell autographs instead of enjoying himself like the other "kids"
    You have to look closely to see he's selling lemonade for $1 and autographs for $10.

  7. J.O,
    Interesting note - when LeBron first entered the league he endorsed a brand of gum that included lemonade flavor. As a Denver fan I felt a little bad buying it, but it was damned tasty.

    Ahhh I am still not used to CP3 being out of a blue uniform. My natural jersey scan is stuck in 2008!

    1. It's funny Dre because when I draw him I do the same thing. I'm always ready to go to that teal and purple of the Hornets before I remember he's in a Clipper's uniform now.

  8. Yeah, is that Rubio the chicks are chasin'?

    Didn't realize he was that popular with the laaaaaaaaaaadies.