Monday, April 30, 2012

Two Types of Hardcore Basketball fans (Bx3 #57)

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I'm more of a Lev (the guy in the gray hoodie if you're new to the comic) type hardcore basketball fan- the long serpentine trying to be objective analysis- than the Chub (yellow jersey) rooting hard and having faith in one team kind of fan.  How about you? I guess it's possible to be somewhere in between those two extremes... and there's the people out there that just seem to root for individual players too, forgot about them when I was drafting up the comic.

I also have no idea who will win this year, despite my ability to talk at length about it. It's wide open in my eyes. That makes it all the more exciting, doesn't it?

A side note- I feel really bad for D. Rose and Shump.  Hate to see guys go down like that, but it just shows how hard it is to predict what will happen because anything can happen.  I tore my own ACL once playing basketball, and the resulting forced period of inactivity is when I started getting really into art. You just never know the path you're going to end up on, no matter how much analysis you do of the past.

Thanks to @Nerdnumbers for a little inspiration on this one.