Sunday, April 1, 2012

T-Shirt Contest Results

(Take me to the hilarious new-this-week comic-link)
So those are the answers.  How'd you do?  Not as good as the winner it seems. The Winner of the MASK contest was.... Dr. Calvin!
Congrats! Dr. Calvin is the only person that got the anti-tiger mask correct.
You won a free Bouncex3 t-shirt and a lifetime of me emailing you asking for medical advice.
Because I'm evil if you check the tags from the original mask comic, big-time clues to the two hardest masks were right in front of you! Sorry about not mentioning that sooner.

The winner of the random drawing from all the twitter and mask entries was.... Jordan W.!  You can follow him on twitter and make the case that he should give the t-shirt to you here:  @JordanSWhite

Hopefully our two lucky winners will send us some pics when they get the shirts and we can see how they look!

Okay, so what now? You didn't win.  The T-shirts are still available for purchase in the store. 
If you purchase one it would look great on you I'm sure, and it would be a small way to support this comic if you're a fan.  If you like "Skreened" on FB or follow them on Twitter, you'll get a 10% discount code that you can use as well. 

Also I should mention there's another contest and chance to win going on right now- good for those of you that know more about basketball than masks (crazy idea right?). is giving away one of my shirts for whoever can predict which player will the have the best statistical performance in the remainder of the regular season. So head over there and check that out!

Thanks for your participation and your support of the comic!