Monday, March 5, 2012

Dance in the Reign (Bx3 Guest Spot #2)

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The first post-baby comic is taking a little long to come together- so my main man (#2) Patrick Truby is letting me re-run this awesome Kemp comic cover he did for his basketball art tumbler: Rembrandt of Roundball.

Not only that, but just like Tim (@thewagofmutumbo) last week, Patrick is also a great follow on the Twitter: @PatrickTruby

Not only that (!!!), Patrick also has another great Tumblr to check out- one of my favorites (non-basketball category)- There Will Be Bourbon. Definitely check that one out too if you're a fan of the libations.

Thanks again to Tim and Patrick for buying me some precious father-daughter time.
 I've started drawing the next comic- so it's happening. It's also the 50'th Bx3 comic- so check back in a few days.