Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Addition to the Bx3 team (Editor's note)

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Hello readers- I was lucky enough on the evening of Friday the 17th to welcome a new addition to my family- a beautiful healthy baby girl.  She and mother are doing well.

The comic posting might be a little sporadic for the next couple of weeks as a result.
Thank you for your understanding.



In other news, last week I had the pleasure to draw an illustration for a Lang Whitaker piece about the Dunk Contest over at the Classical.  You should head over there and check out the article if you haven't yet.  (Luckily my baby waited until I met the deadline to introduce herself to the world.)  You can also check out all of the illustrations that they run at the Classical on their Tumblr page.


  1. Congrats, man!

    Looking forward to your return.

  2. Thanks Chump!

    I should have a guest post going up soon- and then I'll be back with some original Joe content in a week or two.

  3. Hey J.O.! Congratulations as well! That's really awesome.

  4. yo! felicidades on the new addition...get ready for a whole new life...my best friend just had his second child, a baby girl...and boy did his life change..enjoy your little bundle...and keep the strips coming..you gonna feature her in any strips????