Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tell Me What You See: The Kobe Rorschach (Bx3 #46)

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Is Kobe refusing to pass out of a quintuple team?  Or are his teammates just failing to get open?
Is Kobe playing hero-ball? Or are his teammates just shooting less than 30% for the game?
Tell me what you see...

"Rorschach" tests are those ink-blot things that psychologists use.  Hermann Rorschach kind of looked like Brad Pitt. No joke. Click on the link.


Forgot to mention, last week I did a guest comic for the gang over at  for their "Great Moments in NBA History" series.
If you are a Bx3 completist, are looking for a possible new site to add to your reading lineup, or just want to see how/why I accurately render kiwi fruit, I suggest you go over there and check it out:

Great Moments in NBA History: The Nuggets’ Reggie Evans ‘Gets Friendly’ with the Clippers’ Chris Kaman