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Bx3 Rookie Season Recap- Season Highlights

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I'm currently taking a small comic-making hiatus to refresh the creativity before the onslaught that will start on the 25'th with the new basketball season.  Plus with the amount of free agent/trade chaos and controversy in the league right now I can hardly add anything more entertaining than the reality that is the current state of NBA affairs.

In my last post I wrote a letter to the readers on the occasion of the first calendar year of Bx3 being completed.  Below I'm linking to my 10 favorite comics from the first year (in a hastily chosen particular order).  If you haven't seen them before check them out now.  (All links will open in a new window. Sorry the images themselves don't link- you've got to click on the title. F'n blogger software.)

#10. Building a Better Baller.  This is a perfect joke for a comic as the visual is what makes it. I wrote this joke backwards- trying to think of the most unique visual cues, and then how to tie them all together into a comic. 

#9. Beware the Double-Rimmed Brick Layer This comic was pretty early on. Chub looks a little strange, but I like the through the rim focus shots.  I should direct.

#8. Ghosts of Seasons Past This is the first comic that had real NBA players in it- and I knew from the response that those comics would be the most popular. Plus I got Nash himself to tweet about it!

#7. Madoff with Carmello I like high-concept wonky jokes- and this one is both. Sometimes when I make these things I wonder if I'm the only person in the world who will think it's funny.

 #6. Free* Some Restrictions Apply "World B. Free after mail in rebate." That was the first basketball-related joke I ever wrote, and still holds a soft spot in my heart.  The first of I hope more comics to come featuring old-school players.

#5. Work Harder? Work Smarter? Work Weirder! I particularly like the close-ups in the second panel.  Really Hollywood, I'm available. Send me your scripts.  The whole Dirk and his trainer thing was just too good to pass up.

#4. Boxed out of the Box.  This comes from the off-season mid-lockout larger format experimental part of the year.  There is a lot going on here- but I always like when I can include readers, and I know how pleased the readers were to finally get a look at the man himself.  I wanted to start a meme of K-Love just boxing stuff out that people don't like.  Someone talking about some weird hernia surgery next to you in line at the DMV?  Box him out K-Love!

#3. Your 2021 All-Stars.  This was the tenth comic. Very high concept.  Basically I wanted to draw a robot, and an old Yao. Chub and Lev look a little weird (as they often have. Hey- I'm an amateur here). I was also testing whether I could get the readers to read more than a few short sentences per comic.  (Are you still there?)

#2. Bent Backwards into Shape.  #2 and #1 were actually done in the span of about 3 days. I worry that was my artistic peak.  I had a lot of fun drawing this one.  But still cringe every time I think of that Rondo injury.

#1. A Three Point Line Between Good and Evil.  Even though the punch-line includes a pop-culture reference to a movie that everyone's already forgotten about- I think this was the most effective comic that I made- the drawings of Westbrook look good, and it is still the most viewed comic to date- thanks mostly to a very eager OKC fan-base.

Honorable Mentions: Is Kobe Clutch? , Is D-Rose boring?, Insulting the readers, Chub goes to school, Chub gets rejected,  Shaq retiresKD storms the court, Wayne Wash' talks some trash, How long did that take you to draw?, ...and the thing I did with Hoopisms.

Did I miss any?