Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boxed out of the Box (Bx3 #39)

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This comic is a joke (obviously, I hope).  But if we end up losing a whole season...

Those are real Bx3 readers on the right side of the comic. (I'm still waiting for their ISP data to prove it.):
On the left: K.L. of @AnaheimAmigosand http://www.anaheimamigos.com/
In the middle: Joshua @HoopPlusTheHarm
and on the left: Christina  @refulgent
Thanks guys and gal! You won't be forgotten when I'm on the 17th season of my animated series.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

HOOP SQUAD takes on the E.L.B.O (Bx3 #38)

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Like Chub I'm not too big on superhero comics my self, but I'd definitely give this one a read. Best thing is that you know superheros almost always win in the end- if only we could say the same for lockout! Big thanks go to my pal Felix who helped me out coming up with the best potential NBA superheros. It's always nice to have someone to bounce (x3 -sorry) your ideas of off.

Check him out on twitter if you are a twitterer: @Almost_witty

I drew the Hoop-Squad comic cover separately before dropping it into the comic above.  Here it is straight-on (click on the thumbnail to see it bigger):

Anyone care to try to identify the Hoop Squad members and their leader's secret identities down in the comments?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bx3 Kid's Activity Zone! (Bx3 #37)

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As you probably know the league is currently in a lock-out.  There was a high-stakes meeting held this past Saturday with team owners, NBA officials, and players attending.  Check out what Baron Davis decided to wear to this meeting of utmost importance :

If anyone cares to actually cut this out and make a paper Baron send me a picture and I'll post it to the Bx3 Facebook page.  Ryan over at http://centerforamericanathleticprogress.blogspot.com/  sent me a photo which is up there now!
(And while you're at it check out his site- funny stuff (occasionally NSFW?))

Climbing the Ladder (Bx3 #36)

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Sometimes the comic really comes together just like how I had it in my head- and sometimes it doesn't.
This is one of those times that I'm not sure about.  Lucky for you I did two comics this week (I know I know, I didn't do any last week).  Click HERE for the next one.