Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beware the Double-Rimmed Bricklayer (Bx3 #7)

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If you've played in a lot of parks- you may have come across the 'double-rimmed bricklayer' yourself (trademark- me).  Two rims, made out of the heaviest gauge steel the parks dept. or school could find, roughly welded together.  It's usually bolted solidly onto a backboard (with no square), leading to a set-up that gives absolutely no give .
The point of these things is that they don't bend when people hang on them.  They tend to get rusty too- so grabbing the rim means hand abrasions- further reducing the capacity for above-the-rim play.  Longevity is the point, but the result is carnival like success rates (don't make any money handing out too many prizes) for any outside shot that even thinks about glancing the rim.  Nothing but 'nothing-but-net' is going in.  The irony is that it's so hard to make J's you go back to attacking the rim, which cuts you, which leads you to going back outside... in a vicious cycle of broken egos and the possible need for tetanus shots.
You can see the effect it has on Chub's jump-shot confidence here.  The plus side I guess is that if you play on these long enough your bound to hone your outside game- or just give up on basketball altogether. The games own way of thinning the herd.   Hopefully Chub sticks with it.  The nice ruby-red hoops in the school gymnasium will seem like hula-hoops if you spend enough time outside...