Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Three Point Line Between Good and Evil (Bx3 #22)

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I'm not insightful enough about the actual game to provide any additional insight into the 'does Westbrook shoot too much' question. Instead of adding noise to that cacaphony I'll instead add new characters to my comic:

The little red devil dude (that kind of look likes Chub), that's 'Pujit'. He's the worm in player's ears urging them to shoot contested shots with 17 seconds left on the shot-clock, or iso until 3 seconds left til the buzzer. He get's his name from the acronym 'PUJIT', which stands for "Pull Up Jumper In Transition", or "Putting Up Jumpers is Incredibly Therapeutic". (I made that second one up- the first one I saw first at the great Laker's fan blog Forum Blue and Gold. Although I couldn't tell you if that's where it originated.) There are rumors that Pujit works at the direct heed of Sonny Vaccaro, but they are unconfirmed as of now.

The little yellow angel guy (that kind of looks like Lev), that's 'Saint Finding the open man for the Assisti', or just 'Assisti' for short. He's the guiding light that has players drop the ball off for their trailing teammate on the fast-break , or kick it to the spot-up jumper in the corner. He's also the patron saint of those old curmudgeonly guys that think players travel on every play.

Wherever basketball is being played (especially NBA-ball) Pujit and Assisti are there, jostling for position in the metaphorical paint for the the chance to rebound the soul of basketball (or something like that). Maybe sometime in the future, we'll see them again here in the pages of BounceBounceBounce.

...And maybe someday, when the Durant-Westbrook Thunder are crowd surfing the Larry O'Brien and Russ is the finals' MVP people will think it silly they ever doubted him. Wouldn't be surprised if he's got that image in his head right now as he dribbles down the floor.

####Bouncex3 Twitter campaign#### -NOW FINISHED (But follow me for more to come!)

I'm trying to get my twitter follower count up because I'm vain and I want you all to know what I had for lunch. Actually I use it to announce when new comics are getting published, drop some random in-progess-art, comment on the games, and get inspiration and ideas from the great Twitter basketball community.

At the time of publishing this I've got around 90'ish followers. (About half of which are random good looking women that are outgoing and love life and don't seem to ever comment about basketball... i.e. bots)

So I'm running a campaign: whenever I get my 150th follower, I will randomly select one person from my followers and draw them into a comic (only real people-basketball fans eligible). Look at the comic above- I'm really good at it- this is a big prize!

So follow me at @Bouncex3 for your chance to win!