Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chub's Favorites Subject- Basketball Maths (Bx3 #26)

Well, basketball maths is Chub's favorite subject after lunch at least.

If you don't get it, the "Pujit" reference in the upper left corner is from this previous comic about Russell Westbrook from a couple week's back.

If you have an idea for a basketball maths equation, email it to me a or tweet me at @bouncex3. It might make it into a future comic and I'll give you at least 37% credit!

You can thank this week's one panel comic on the fact that I'm currently working on a biggish project with another site (top-secret stuff at the moment - no it's not CakeWrecks). Be on the lookout for that in the coming week!

I'm also still running my twitter campaign: If you follow me before I reach 150 followers you will automatically be entered for a chance to be randomly chosen to appear in a future comic (which you can help decide the content for)- so follow me already! Or don't, it's up to you, but if you aren't an NBA player (with amusing facial hair), and you want to be immortalized forever on the pages of Bx3, it's probably your best shot!