Thursday, February 24, 2011

Madoff with Carmelo (Bx3 #11)

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Other possible titles for this comic:
Stockholm Syndrome
Love the One You're With
What the $%!# is Dolan Thinking

Here's an article talking about the possible role Isiah is playing with the Knicks, if you didn't catch the story before: link

So much happened this trade deadline, I'm not even going to attempt further analysis. There's plenty of better places to find that. I will point you to one of the more interesting articles I read this week- check out this numerical analysis of building a championship contender on the NYT political//stats blog FiveThirtyEight.

All I have left to say is that with so many players gonna playing on different teams, it's going to be a really exciting rest of the season. ...and if you don't know who Bernie Madoff is, you need to watch some TV other than League Pass and read something other than Slam every once in a while!

(Special thanks this week to Bill at Twin City Sidewalks for generously letting me use some of his photos for reference!)