Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry X's and O's-mas! (Bx3 #5)

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It’s December 25th, and that can only mean one thing- marquee NBA match-ups!
The Christmas games this year are particularly promising.  We get the first showdown between the reigning champion Lakers and the LBJ era Heat.  Arguably the biggest game so far this (and maybe the whole) season.  Also of course the Celtics-Magic match-up, which gives us our first real chance to see if new-look Orlando is more or less of an East contender than the pre-shake up squad.  I know I’ll be watching.  (…and (!) Knicks-Bulls, Denver-OKC, Warriors-Blazers (well that one at least maybe I can pass on))

In case you weren’t aware, some in the NBA fraternity aren’t so hot about having to play on Christmas every year:
Phil Jackson doesn’t like it.  Can I suggest to him if he were to try coaching a young developing squad instead of a title contender he might get the day off!
Lebron similarly would like to have the day off.  It’s about the family! …And special Christmas edition shoes!

Honestly though I can see where they’re coming from.  I like the idea of one day a year where basically everyone has the day off (whether you celebrate Christmas or not.  It could be June 17th  for all I care, let’s just give everybody a vacation day!).  I don’t care much for the complaints of millionaires with off-seasons, but I do wonder about the concession workers and parking attendants and everyone else who isn’t off because of the games.

I’ll be watching though.  I’ll also be chatting with my family, making rounds back and forth to the holiday spread, passing out and receiving presents,  and generally enjoying the Holiday.  It’s all about balance.  (Are you listening Chub and Levi?)
Then again, it’s easy for me to say this- I don’t live or die with the results of any of these teams, and I don’t run a website where the readers expect a detailed analysis of the events.  If I did, I might feel differently about it.

Merry Christmas and Happy B-ball watching!